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I have been a member of the an online forum called The Evil Empire since 2008. Aside from being a forum, the Evil Empire is also a download site as it houses many movies, series, animations, music and manga. Indeed, it has always been my haven as I am a manga-lover.

In the past, there were instances when the site closed down. From its original domain, it came back with I was so sad when it closed down all of a sudden in 2008 and was glad when I discovered after a year that it has been revived. However, just this month, I couldn’t enter the site anymore. And it was only tonight that I read in online that the administration of the site decided to close it down because there wasn’t that much activity and interaction between the members. It seemed like everybody was just there to download from the archives. And the post sounded like this time, the empire’s gone for good.

As sad as I am, I’m also guilty because I know that I haven’t a very active member of the forum. And yes, most of the time, I would just read threads and download manga.

To the Evil Empire which fanned my addiction and quenched my thirst for music, manga and gossip, thank you very much. I will surely miss you.

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